Robert Cain
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The following is a list of all the beers the brewery has produced within all royal beer collections on this website.

There is a long history to brewing at this site. Brewing originally started here in approximately 1850 by Robert Cain & Co. In 1923 they merged with Walker's of Warrington and brewing was switched to the Warrington site and the brewery sold to Higson's Brewery. Higson's themselves were taken over by Boddingtons in 1985 and the brewery was closed in 1990. However a local company, better know for the canning of beer, GB Breweries, brought the brewery for it's modern canning facilities but also quickly restarted brewing cask ales under the current name. In 1991, with an injection of cash necessary, the company became a division of Bryggerigruppen A/S, the Danish brewers most famous for Faxe. The brewery was put up for sale at the start of 2002. The brewery and pubs were taken over by West Midlands based food and drink company Gardener-Shaw for UKP3.4m at the beginning of July 2002. Went into receivership in the summer of 2008, but were repurchased by the original owners.

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