Uncle Stuart's
The following is a list of all the beers the brewery has produced within all royal beer collections on this website.

Brewery started up in April 2002 based at Antoma, Pack Lane, Lingwood, Norwich. The brewery, which must at opening have been the smallest commercial brewery in the UK, has a 20 litre brewlength. The plant was upgraded to 100 litres during the early months of 2003, and was upgraded to a 2½ barrel plant supplied by Iceni during January 2005. Moved to it's current location during the spring of 2009.
Brewed for: General Circulation.

Standard 500ml - Red Crown Cap.

Limited Edition Number 08 of only 36.

Signed by Stuart Evans, the Brewer.
The first 36 bottles produced were set aside as a numbered limited and signed edition. The remainder of the brew were bottled for retail sale.
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