Wicked Hathern
More information available at: www.wicked-hathern.co.uk

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Started brewing in spring 2000, based on Derby Road, Hathern, Loughborough. A 2½ barrel brewplant, which was supplied by Mossbrew Brewing Systems, was located in the stables in one of the owner's gardens. It is owned and operated by 4 men. The brewery takes its name from the village which has been known as Wicked Hathern ever since comments were made about it by a 19th century clergyman, the Revd Edward Thomas March Philips, rector of Hathern from 1808 for 51 years. Fed up with the cock fighting and drunken brawls in the graveyard, he referred to Hathern as "a wicked place and a cage for every unclean beast. I wonder what is to become of it?". It's been known locally as Wicked Hathern ever since. In early 2007, following the retirement of one of the partners, the brewery was mothballed and brewing now takes place at an undisclosed brewery, it is understood that it may be Leek, while plans to expand the business are worked on.

Brewery Website: www.wicked-hathern.co.uk
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Brewed for: General Circulation
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